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We are eight generation winemakers. So we’ve got history. That history informs, but doesn’t dictate what we do. We respect the past, but constantly try to improve upon it. By always looking for better, more natural and sustainable ways to harvest the world’s most elegant French wines. We are Laurent Miquel.

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The story so far.

1202 was
a good year.

Let’s begin with the land. It wasn’t always ours, which is probably no surprise, but what might be surprising is how we came upon it. The land has always had its roots in wine. Way back in 1202, the monks of Abbey de Fontcaude, began growing vines right here. We have no idea what it tasted like, there’s none left, but we’d imagine it was good. Then, during the Revolution of 1789, the State took over and drove the monks out.

History in a bottle.

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