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Our most sustainable selection.


The Icon range isn't a range as such because it only features one wine. But we felt that wine was so special it deserved a range of its own. It's called Larmes des Fées which means Tears of the Fairies. It's not actually made of tears from fairies but we believe they did have a part to play. It's a wonderful story for a wonderful wine. For those who like their wine with a big personality.

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Every wine in the Lieu-Dit range comes from a single vineyard. Within each of these vineyards is a small parcel of land that happens to have it all. The right amount sun, the perfect amount of rain and shelter when it’s needed. It repays this fortune of nature by producing vines that are the envy of the rest, and grapes that do justice to these vines. 
After pressing them we let them rest in French oak barrels for 12 to 14 months. And we think you'll agree, the rest does them good. 

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Le Côte

A ‘Côte’ is the name given to an altitude mark on a French map. It’s a number, and this number appears on the label of each wine in the Les Côtes range.  On the label you will also find the ‘Pech’, which is the old name for a small hill. It’s the high point, and we have found over the years that the grapes that grow here lead to the most delicious wines. So there’s a reason for the name and a reason for the taste.

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Chateau Cazal Viel is where it all started. So any range that carries the name has to live up to it. This one certainly does. It's a result of the very place it comes from. Surrounded on all sides. By mountains and gorges. This leads to a unique climate, which over the years has created a unique soil which in turn grows unique vines that grow the grapes that create this exquisite range. 

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Cazal Viel

The Château Cazal Viel range is accompanied by a long and intriguing history. The lands that grow the vines that grow the grapes that make this range date right back to the monks, 1202 in fact. They lovingly tended it for six generations until the Miquel family took it over in 1789. Each bottle is centuries in the making and pure enjoyment in the drinking.

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Isolated on a rocky plateau, at 1,200 feet altitude, the vineyards of Chateau Auzines have been cultivated organically since the early 90’s. These vines are left to their own devices here with the most minimal of intervention. Laurent barely even says a word to them. The raw countryside and high altitude give this range a wonderful freshness on the finish. It’s incredible just how elegant they are considering their wild and unsupervised upbringing.  

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It took us over seven months to agree on the name of our daughter, Alaina. Then we liked it so much we decided to name our next baby, which just happened to be this range, Alaina as well. It’s worked out nicely. Both are delicate, a little sweet, love it when the sun comes out and are naughty but nice.   

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Nord Sud 

Nord Sud means 'North South'. It refers to the direction we plant our vines from North to South. There's a very good reason too. It means the grapes are protected from the midday sun and are therefore crisper and juicer. It all leads to a more elegant wine, even opulent. Some say we're going in the wrong direction but once you try this range you'll realise it's they who are.
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A French wine with an Irish name. Solas means light in the Irish language. And that was the aim with this range. To create a wine that shines and stands out from the crowd. A range that has the ability to satisfy many tastes, from those searching for lightness and freshness to those looking for something more robust. The Irish and the French know that life is made up of many great occasions and that each one is made better by a wine that can compliment it. Even light it up.

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Père et Fils

Père et Fils means 'Father and Son'. In this case it's Henri and Laurent. Henri, the father, brings the experience, and knowledge of the land. Laurent adds the audacity to change the way things always were. Like harvesting the grapes only at night when they are crisper and happier. They tried over sixty blends, and had twenty seven disagreements, before landing on the chosen few. It's a collaboration that's two generations in the making. But we believe it was worth the wait.

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Vendanges Nocturnes

Vendanges Nocturnes means 'Night Harvest'. And that is exactly when this range is created. In the middle of the night, when the grapes are cooler, crisper and happier. It means every year at harvest time we don't sleep much. Our obsession literally keeps us awake at night. But we know it's a small price to pay when we see someone try this range for the first time.  
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While we never like to blow our own trumpet (or horn), this range does a good job for us. Its lack of pretension and easy drinking seems to go down very well with just about everyone. Clacson is a great excuse to celebrate and share a glass of wine with your friends when you have run out of excuses or occasions to celebrate. A great range of table wines that feel at home on any table.

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