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Building a Terroir

The journey from the vineyard to the glass is a long story of patience, passion, and precision. At Laurent Miquel, it is our mission to craft exceptional wines, and our commitment to quality, sustainability, and legacy is at the heart of everything we do.

Vineyards: Where It All Begins

The journey begins with the land itself, and when it came to Laurent's vision for Albarino, it started at Château Auzines, where he knew the micro-climate in the foothills of the Pyrenees and the poor, infertile, but well-drained soil, had great potential for quality white wines of finesse and elegance. Before making his vision a reality, we had to tackle the massive boulders of limestone that lay all over our land. The largest of the boulders were removed and the rest of these natural stone giants were meticulously broken down, creating the stony limestone-clay soil that forms the foundation of our vineyards. This process is the first step in crafting wines with character, depth, and a unique sense of place.

The large limestone boulders removed from vineyard pre-planting

Terroir: The Soul of the Wine

Terroir is a term which encompasses the unique combination of soil, climate, and topography that gives each wine its distinct flavour and personality. At Laurent Miquel, we believe that terroir is the soul of our wines. Our stony limestone-clay terroir, born from centuries-old limestone boulders, imparts a rich minerality and complexity to our grapes. We also give nature a hand by planting north to south, thus protecting our vines from the intense midday sun with the canopy of leaves. We also harvest all of our grapes by night - this keeps the acidity levels at an optimum level, and prevents a spike in sugar levels, which can happen in the heat of the day.

Sustainability: A Way of Life

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a way of life. Our commitment to the environment is ingrained in every aspect of our vineyard and winemaking practices. We are HVE Level 3 certified, which aims to protect native shrubs and hedgerows and promotes biodiversity, as well as managing water and energy use. We have a lake at Château Auzines and a reservoir at Château Cazal Viel, which harvests the heavy winter rainfall and gets re-used during the growing season. We insulated our tanks with polar clad insulation and we have reduced our average bottle weight by 30%, which reduces our carbon footprint. Sustainability is not just about the present; it's about leaving a legacy of responsible viticulture for generations to come.

Legacy: Quality That Stands the Test of Time

At Laurent Miquel, quality and legacy are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We believe that great wine is the result of generations of dedication and passion. It takes time—four years from vine to production—but the wait is worth it. Our wines tell a story of time, place and love of the land for eight generations. We are Laurent Miquel.

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