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On the road again...

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We are delighted to once again have the opportunity to visit our clients and consumers in Europe. Last week, our brand ambassador spent a lively few days in the lovely Netherlands, discussing all things wine and tasting our range of Solas, Côte and Lieux-dits wines with some of the importer team and their customers. With the most important trading period fast approaching, it was a welcome opportunity to revisit these ranges and discuss the details of the vineyard sites and explain the unique character of each of the wines.

The visit offered a fascinating insight into wine culture in Holland and the opportunity to share our wines first hand with wine-loving consumers, with a deep-dive on each of the wines at consumer masterclasses. It's always inspiring to speak directly to consumers and share our "behind the label" story.

One particular point of interest was born of the discussion around climate change - the sun was shining all week and the temperatures were between 20 - 25C, with everyone saying that it was very unusual for the time of year. Pleasant as this is, it's obvious that these patterns are becoming the norm and it led to a concerned discussion on sustainability.

Laura explained our holistic approach to sustainable practices - in the vineyard, the winery, with our packaging and our people. Eliminating artificial chemicals, promoting biodiversity, low-intervention winemaking, water recycling and re-use, energy management, lighter bottles, fair working practices and community initiatives reflect our 360 approach to vine growing and wine production. As an 8th generation wine estate, our legacy to the next generation informs everything that we do.

À bientôt,


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