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A Dutch Visit - prachtig!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We were so happy to get back to one of our favourite countries last week - the Netherlands. Our brand ambassador Laura visited a selection of top restaurants and wine bars with some members of the friendly and welcoming sales team of Verbunt Verlinden, our partners there.

It is always fascinating to experience the wine culture of another country and to get an insight into the food and wine trends, especially outside of the epicentre of Amsterdam. Covid-19 significantly impacted the on-trade in the Netherlands, as it did everywhere else, but it's wonderful to see the country start to recover. There was a notably buzzy atmosphere and vibe on the streets of Zwolle, Rotterdam and The Hague and where there was the slightest hint of sunshine, people were eating and drinking outdoors. Apparently the Dutch are similar to the Irish when it comes to enjoying any good weather!

There are other similarities between Ireland and the Netherlands, when it comes to wine culture. With neither country being a producer of wine, there is a wide selection of wine from around the world in restaurants and bars, unlike here in France, where it can be difficult to find wine from outside your region, never mind outside of the country! One of the best things about Ireland and the Netherlands is that wine lists allow an exploration of the world of wine and there is a great openness to new wines and food cultures. There is a growing interest in new varietals and Albarino is gaining in popularity, although it seems rosé has some catching up to do. In Ireland, rosé has more than doubled its market share in recent years, but in the Netherlands it has fallen off somewhat. Hopefully some sunny weather this summer will see it grow in popularity again! There's no better wine style for summer vibes!

Dutch wine lovers still enjoy a full-bodied, richer Chardonnay and Viognier appeals to this style of wine drinker too. Both of these wine styles marry well with food and we are so proud to see our diverse range of Viognier, Chardonnay and Albarino so well-represented in the Netherlands.

Dank u wel to all the team at Verbunt Verlinden! We look forward to a return visit.

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