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Isn't all wine vegan?

What is it that makes a wine suitable for vegans? Many people are confused about the concept of a wine being vegan-friendly, a common question being "isn't wine always vegan, given that it's made from grapes?" Based on that concept, it would seem reasonable to assume that wines are vegetarian or vegan.

It is of course true that most wine is made from grapes, however it's during the wine making process that the scenario arises. The wine usually undergoes a process of fining, which removes particles and dead yeast cells that remain suspended in the wine after fermentation and ageing. A small quantity of a fining agent is added to the wine which binds to the suspended particles, which are then filtered out, giving the finished wine a clear and bright appearance.

Fining agents include many substances that are derived from animal-based products, which poses a difficulty for vegetarian or vegan consumers. Traditional fining products include gelatine (from animals), isinglass (from fish), egg white or casein (a milk-based product), all of which mean a wine cannot be labelled as suitable for vegans.

Animal-friendly alternatives include bentonite, plant-based casein, limestone and others, all of which are ideal for fining a wine and make it suitable for vegans.

All of the wines made by Laurent Miquel are suitable for vegans - it's one of our 5 pillars of sustainability.

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