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3. Sustainability & Accountability - Winemaker diaries, by Neasa Corish-Miquel

We hold ourselves accountable to our sustainability pledge summarised in the 5 badges below: 1. 8th generation family winemakers 2. Suitable for Vegans 3. High Environmental Value 4. Minimal Intervention 5. Made by People

The first badge in our sustainability pledge "8th generation family wines" reinforces the importance of legacy and tradition at Laurent Miquel. Our story started in 1791 and we celebrated 230 years of family winemaking in 2021. Laurent is passionate about sustainability across our whole business - their future, our legacy.

The inspiration for our sustainability philosophy is the spirit of Kaizen - doing a little bit better, every day. We know that we all need to eat more sustainably - our 2nd badge reassures our customers that all of our wines are suitable for vegans, so that vegans can drink our wines with confidence.

The 3rd badge in our sustainability pledge acknowledges our HVE* level 3 certification, the highest accreditation possible. We actively promote biodiversity (4/5 of our Auzines estate has been left wild), soil health, managing water (our own lake captures rainwater) & managing energy resources.

*The High Environmental Value (HVE) certification programme scores wineries from levels 1 to 3, in relation to viticultural and environmental responsibility.

The 4th badge in our sustainability pledge is Minimal Intervention. We intervene as little as possible in our ambition to create authentic wines that are truly expressive of their unique Languedoc terroir. For us, the most important work is done in the vineyard, not the winery.

The 5th badge in our sustainability pledge is Made by People. Community is very important to us and we believe that the passion of our vineyard workers helps to create wines that show the very best expressions of our terroir and philosophy. Looking after our team is vital to our success and is a philosophy that informs everything that we do.

Click link to view a brief excerpt from Neasa's chat on sustainability at Laurent Miquel:

The lake we built at Domaine Les Auzines to capture and recycle rainwater for drip irrigation in the growing season. It fills with water in the winter months and has a capacity of 500 million litres!

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