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Wintry Weather in the Languedoc

Mid-January brought quite a bit of snow, especially at the higher altitudes of Domaine les Auzines. It's still quite cold in our region, although most of the snow has gone by now, with temperatures averaging about -1C.

Although bitterly cold weather isn't the first thing to spring to mind when one thinks about the warm south of France, it's critical to have a distinctive cold season for healthy vines. This allows the plant to rest after the harvest and the sap drops back into the roots and allows for pruning to proceed. If it warms up too quickly, the sap starts to rise and buds can appear, leaving them very vulnerable to Spring frosts. We don't want this to start happening until towards the end of February... so far, we're having a pretty even winter in terms of weather events. It'll be interesting to see what the Spring months hold.

It's very much wine fair season now as people plan their changes for portfolios and hospitality businesses for the year ahead. Laurent Miquel will have a stand at Wine Paris 13-15 February (H4/B401) and also at ProWein 19-21 March (10C 109). If you plan on visiting either of the wine fairs, we'd love to show you our new 2022 white wines and the most recent vintages of red.

Don't hesitate to make an appointment at or simple visit us at the stand for a chat. We look forward to seeing you!

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