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Garrigue is the scent of Syrah

Our vineyards are a haven of natural biodiversity, especially Domaines les Auzines. Thanks to its rocky hills there are wild herbs growing everywhere, leaving scents of sage, rosemary and thyme on the wind. The natural oil molecules from these herbs get carried through the air to the vines, giving the unmistakeable essence of garrigue to our red wines, notably Syrah, that the Languedoc is so famous for. We like to gather these herbs on our weekend walks and we use them to marinate meat for the barbeque and sometimes the children dry them for scented bouquets, which they dot around the house.

We love the herby, garrigue note on our Syrah wines, particularly our single vineyard Bardou and Larmes des Fées, making them a great pairing for cheese and charcuterie plates. Often in summer it's so hot that we don't have the inclination to cook! I like to chill the wines down in the fridge for an hour, as it brings out the savoury, herby element.

In August, we take our summer holidays and we usually travel back to my home country of Ireland. The kids love to see their Irish grandparents and they get spoiled rotten! I like to show them around some favourite spots of my own childhood in West Cork and we often take a spin to Brittas Bay in Wicklow, for an Irish sea experience - not quite as balmy that's for sure! I stock up on all the traditional Irish dishes and take back some of the things that I really miss. Until then, it's another couple of weeks of preparation and then we hold our breath until harvest.

Brittas Bay, Wicklow Glengarriff, West Cork Inchydoney strand, West Cork

I hope you're having a great summer wherever you are and that it's not too hot.


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