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Bastille Day! A national holiday

14 July is France's national holiday - Bastille day - which commemorates the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, and the unity of the French people on the same day the following year. The beginning of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity - the message at the very heart of modern France and something that very much reflects the spirit of the Languedoc.

Bastille day is a national holiday and is commemorated with a mixture of military parades, fireworks, local festivals and street dancing, as well as gathering for a feast (of course!) The food will differ depending on the region, but here in the Languedoc, because of the July sunshine and heat, it's usually lighter seafood or marinated meats with vegetables, all cooked on the barbeque. It's a happy and festive occasion, marking the beginning of summer holidays for most French people.

We will most likely do a low-key gathering with the extended family on the beach - it's hot at the moment, so the sea breeze will be a welcome relief. Our choice is always a refreshing rosé - my choice this year is the Vieilles Vignes Cazal Viel - or our Lagrasse Albarino with the picnic meal - a mix of marinated prawns, charcuterie and cheeses with fruit to finish. Easy but delicious!

Happy Bastille day to all our our French clients and friends!

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