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7. La Vie en Rosé

It's rosé season again! Although more people are choosing to drink rosé all year round, it's definitely the wine of choice for many more during the summer months. We all see opportunistic stacks of rosé wines in wine stores and the empty shelves speak volumes about our urge to drink pink when the sun shines. It's easy to see why - a dry rosé is a great pairing for many styles of food, especially summery dishes like salads, charcuterie, grilled vegetables, spiced couscous, shellfish and even a dish of ripe strawberries works well.

At Laurent Miquel we make several rosé wine styles and each has their own distinctive personality, although Laurent makes them all in the same way. The grapes are harvested by night, to retain freshness and elegance, especially important in the south of France where summer temperatures often reach the high 30s. The grapes are crushed gently and then we chill the must (juice) right down to a very low temperature, before macerating it on the skins for a couple of days, even up to a week for our top cuvées. There is no agitation or stirring so we preserve the fruit purity in the wine and the skin contact adds a silky texture and lingering minerality.

The difference in our rosés lies in the terroir of each vineyard and the final blend or assemblage of grape varieties. Our Cazal Viel Clos du Vent rosé is our top cuvée, made from grapes grown in our estate in St Chinian. We only use the Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault from our highest plots, which adds a zesty acidity and liveliness to the wine. The name refers to the windy conditions (Clos du Vent means windy plot) which protect the grapes from any risk of rot or disease on humid days. It's a gourmet style, with a hint of saltiness on the finish, which makes it a sensational pairing for mussels, oysters or linguine with clams, but also with dried saucisson and other charcuterie.

At our Auzines estate in the Corbières, we make Alaina Rosé, named for our spirited daughter! A blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault, grown at 350m of altitude in the foothills of the Pyrenees, it's a very pale wine and we love having it with young 'luque' olives as an aperitif but it's equally wonderful with fruit platters, simple bread or cheese or a tomato salad.

For get-togethers with friends and family this summer, Clacson rosé is part of our Clacson range, designed for easy-drinking and fun conversations. A blend of Grenache and Cinsault, it's a fruity, easy-going wine for sharing.

Solas Rosé takes its name from the word "Solas", which means "light" in Irish and also it means "sparkle" or "éclat" in the ancient Oc language. The grapes come from our plots in St Chinian and the name 'Solas' references the style of the wines, which is bright and elegant, with a lively acidity and mineral finish.

Père et Fils Rosé is the result of a collaboration between Henri and Laurent, as the name suggests. The blend is 70% Cinsault and 30% Syrah, so there's a touch of spice on the finish, making this a great wine to pair with spicy prawns or any seafood with a chilli kick.

Whichever rosé you choose, we hope it adds some sunshine into your day, wherever you are!


Neasa & Laurent Miquel

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