Sustainable Development

Today and tomorrow’s environmental issues are of great concern to us. For this reason, we are increasingly committed to a comprehensive approach in responsible winemaking. We are convinced that the protection of our environment and the well-controlled use of our natural resources are key ingredients in the quality of our wines. Such an approach is an opportunity rather than a constraint as it will enable us to pass on to our children what eight generations of winemakers have passed on to us until now.

Sustainable agriculture

We have chosen to practise sustainable agriculture for all our vineyards. Every day, great attention is paid to the vine and the environment in which it is growing. Respect for the terroir, minimum intervention in the vine and the constant improvement of our production techniques guarantee the authenticity and quality of our wines.

In practise, we prefer grass-growing which limits soil erosion and pollution that arises from the persistent use of phyto products. We have implemented prophylactic methods in order to spray only when absolutely necessary. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture can also be seen via our financial investments, in particular with the purchase of more efficient spraying material that limits the amount of phytosanitary products that may be lost in the surrounding countryside.


We are also reviewing our packaging. This work is carried out in collaboration with our providers in order to reduce the carbon footprint and the weight of our packaging materials. Today, most of our glass bottles weigh 140g less than before. According to a study made by the company Adelphe, such a reduction in weight reduces car emissions by one km per bottle. With each new vintage or launch of a new wine, we do our best to make the product life cycle sustainable by reducing its environmental footprint.