Our missions and commitments:

  • Consistency: produce top quality wines every vintage
  • Focus on the balance, purity and minerality of our wines
  • Respect the expertise and wisdom of previous generations that help us adapt to the specific conditions of our vineyards and terroir
  • Always work with a long-term vision, not only within the vineyard but also with our partners
  • Respect the principles of ‘sustainable agriculture’ and minimize the impact of our farming on the surrounding environment

Laurent and his team work tirelessly every day to ensure the consistency of their wines.

The team strives to constantly improve the quality of all the wines, and this work begins in the vineyard. The use of sustainable agriculture methods (verging on organic as Jancis Robinson recently described) is a key factor. Laurent believes in the use of local and international experts in critical areas such as irrigation and terroir studies. Pooling all this knowledge over time allows him to keep improving the quality of the wines.

Laurent does not believe in excessive intervention. For him, wine is above all, purely a matter of vines and terroir: low yields, hard work throughout the year in the vineyard and respect of the land are essential for success.

“With noble varietals and the appropriate terroir, a truly fine wine is the result of a year’s dedicated work in the vineyard. With Mother Nature’s help, I only need to add some subtle touches of my own”.

A careful selection of barrels and appropriate aging bring consistency and character to the final nectar. These are the key factors for ultimate success.