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Albarino (pronounced “al-ba-ri-ño”)


Albarino is a wine that has gently evolved over its rich history. When Laurent acquired Chateau Les Auzines in 2009, a pioneering adventure was embarked upon to re-cultivate the mythical Albarino grape in France. It is now an award-winning Laurent Miquel wine.




A Brief History

“Alba” comes from the Spanish world for “white” and “rino” from the word for “Rhine”

French monks from Cluny in eastern France brought Albarino to the Galicia region in north-west Spain along the fabled Santiago de Compostela route hundreds of years ago. It is thought that, even before then, the grape may have come from Germany, cultivated along the banks of the Rhine.



Cultivating a Future Classic

After discovering the vineyards high above the village of Lagrasse in Corbières, Languedoc, Laurent saw an opportunity too good to miss. With limestone soils coupled with a unique microclimate – warm days and cooler nights – already in place, Laurent built a lake on the estate in order to harness natural water sources to keep the fruit balanced throughout the growing season.


3.5 hectares of Albarino were added in 2017


The thick skins of the Albarino grape make it the perfect match for the 350-m altitude plateau on which they are planted. The winds of the Corbières appellation are able to dry out all excess moisture preventing illness developing on the vines, while the thickness of the skins prevent them from doing any real damage.


Laurent has so successfully re-introduced the Albarino grape into the French landscape that each year more and more hectares are being planted.



International Recognition

Laurent Miquel’s Albarino is gaining international recognition. It has recently acquired the following:


albarinos al mundo


GOLD MEDAL – Best Albarinos in the World 2017

BRONZE MEDAL – International Wine Challenge 2017

BRONZE MEDAL – Decanter World Wine Awards







It was also featured in GQ MAGAZINE in London Wine Week: GQ picks five of the best bottles.





Pairing Recommendations

Alberino will awaken the senses with intense citrus and floral aromas

A chilled glass of Albarino pairs perfectly with seafood – ideally oysters – due to its peach flavours with a hint of lime on the finish.


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