Harvest report

2018 is an exceptional year in quality and quantity.

To simplify:

  • 2017 was our smallest harvest ever recorded with truly great quality.
  • 2018 is our most productive year in the past 10 years with 2017 vintage-like quality, which makes it a truly exceptional year.


2018 is an unusual year for the following reasons:

  • An extremely dry winter, by February everyone was getting quite worried. We were worried that the consequence would be even smaller quantities in 2018 than 2017!
  • But we were saved by a spring much wetter than usual. This allowed replenishing fully the soil water reserves before the vine started to bud. Consequently, we had a very homogeneous budding, all the buds went on to grow and we didn’t have any frost like in 2017!


Vegetative Season

The humidity in the soils allowed the plant to develop itself fully and have beautiful foliar surfaces which consequently allowed the grapes to mature fully despite their being more grapes than usual on the vines. The downfall of all the humidity was that it generated the biggest mildiou production ever recorded in the last 25 years. Many winemakers, especially in organic productions, that didn’t take the risk too seriously at first, found themselves unable to treat their vines at the right time as the rainfall sometimes made the soils impassible and as a result, some lost their whole harvest. In our case, we took the risk very seriously right from the start. In protecting or vines right at the beginning, we limited the impact of mildiou. Secondly, our decision to do integral grassing of our vines enabled us to go in our plots when we wanted which played an essential role. Finally, our teams were there when we needed to treat, whether it be Saturday or Sunday. As a result, the mildiou epidemic affected us but we estimate that we only lost 10% of our grapes on 10% of our plots which comes down to 1% of our entire vineyard. An insignificant impact, and with “only” two extra treatments than in 2017.


Ripening Period

The harvest, in essence, started later than in 2017, which was an exceptionally early year. Starting at the end of August, we picked our grapes in cooler nights than usual which was very promising for the aromatic intensity of our whites and rosés. And the 2018 harvest will remain exceptional as we didn’t have one drop of rain from the start of the harvest until the very end ( 8th October), never before seen.) This allowed us to bring in the entirety of our production when we wanted, without any pressure due to timing and as a result at the perfect ripeness.


This year we have whites with incredible aromatic intensity. As for the Rosés, we have a little less colour than in 2017 thanks to higher yields which is a very positive point.

Finally, for our reds, 2018 is a much fruitier vintage than 2017, more finesse with a lovely depth. To summarize 2018 will be a very qualitative, more finesse compared to 2017 which is a very powerful and ripe vintage.