Cazal Viel


The superb terroir of Cazal Viel was first planted by Roman warriors during the construction of Via Domitia. The ruins of their villas and an ancient well still stand on the grounds of the estate. For almost six centuries (from 1202) the monks of the local Abbaye de Fontcaude cultivated their wine at Cazal Viel. Following the French Revolution (1789), the Miquel family acquired the estate and thus began the Miquel legacy of wine producers. The present generation (since 1980) continues this great tradition of top-quality and independent winemaking.

The Miquels are the largest private producer in the Saint Chinian appellation and are the Languedoc specialists of the varietals, Syrah and Viognier. Henri and his son Laurent firmly believe that the marriage of poor stony soils, that give naturally low yields of concentrated, complex fruit, with old vines of noble varietals contribute to the production of authentic, inspiring, unique wines.

“Know-how”, handed down from father to son


Our philosophy is simple: only superiors grapes can be used to create the ultimate fine wines. This philosophy is visible in all our actions here at the Château: planting the appropriate vines (Henri Miquel first planted the Syrah varietal over 35 years ago and we now have some of the oldest Syrah in the region), maintaining a top class vineyard using natural methods. We also ensure very low yields on all our vines and pay scrupulous attention to detail at harvest time. We carry out the individual vinification of each of our 92 parcels according to the specific fruit characteristics.