Harvest report


CAZAL VIEL:  2016 is probably the driest vintage of the past 10 years with little to no rain last autumn and winter. Spring was wetter and cooler than usual which is fortunate seeing as we haven’t had rain at Cazal Viel since the end of June. For the last 7 days it has been exceptionally hot and dry.

AUZINES:  Our Auzines estate was as dry as Cazal Viel last autumn, but winter and spring brought a lot more rain than at Cazal Viel. This allowed our vines grow well throughout the spring season.

We have finished building a large reservoir that allows us to store winter rainwater and water from the Alsou River which is in abundance in winter. The stored water is redistributed between our vineyards as they need it. This is a great step forward in water management for our vineyards and we are confident it will be an advantageous investment for future vintages.



2016 won’t be a vintage known for volume. Yields should be at least 25% lower than last year but, most importantly, the quality will be evident.



If 2015 was a vintage of freshness and elegance, 2016 will be a richer, more complex, more powerful vintage. It is therefore why we predict exceptional reds. As for the whites and rosé, we decided not to delay harvesting to keep the freshness and delicacy of the fruit.



Albarino:  extraordinary aromatic complexity that has kept good acidity despite the heat this summer. Viognier Vérité:  this year a lot of attention was paid to the style of pruning the Viognier. De-budding in the spring ensured that the clusters are well spaced, well ventilated and nature took care of the rest. The result is that the grapes have an outstanding aromatic power with notes of apricot and lychee.

Syrah:  many of our Syrah plots have outstanding potential this year. We have also worked hard to increase the quality of our Syrah production: de-budding in spring on 40ha; 16ha of green harvesting in late July, early August, leaving only 6-7 bunches per vine. All the while, weather conditions have been great… We’ll let you imagine the result!

Grenache:  this year’s hot and dry weather is particularly favourable for Grenache. Our low-yielding plots should therefore produce something quite special for 2016.

Chardonnay:  like last year, Chardonnay yields will be low, promising beautiful concentrations while maintaining the freshness and acidity characteristics of the Auzines terroir.



We have this year invested in a new Pellenc Vendanger machine, equipped with the most efficient sorting system on the market: the Selectiv Process. This technology allows us to select and sort our top quality grapes direct in the vineyard that will make it into the cellar. We are convinced that this machine will take the fineness of our wines a step forward.