We are celebrating 225 years at Cazal Viel !



The Miquel family  established their Chateau Cazal Viel estate in 1791, and we celebrate the historic 225th  year anniversary this year. It was just after the French revolution of 1789, which drove out the monks of the Abbaye de Fontcaude( who had already been producing wine on the vineyards) that the estate was purchased by the Miquels, a local family. They farmed the lands for years despite the poor stony soils and garnered unique knowledge of the terroir and the microclimate of this historic location

It wasn‘t until the 1970s, and the advent of the quality driven pioneer movement in Languedoc, that Henri and Christiane Miquel (Laurent’s parents) took over the estate and Cazal Viel truly revealed its potential. Laurent is the 8th generation winemaker, whose audacity and work ethic mirrors that of his forefathers and has seen the range of wines and quality focus continue grow year on year

Join us in celebrating the long history of our estate and looking forward to the exciting future of our region and our family’s wine story.

225 – whats in a number?

  • 225 years since the Miquels purchased Cazal Viel
  • 225 litres : number of litres of wine in one of our handmade burgundy barrels, used to ferment and age our top cuvées
  • 225  metres – elevation of our highest vineyard at Cazal Viel – L’antenne